Keeping Faith With New Year Resolutions in Year 2020

Keeping Faith With New Year Resolutions in Year 2020

By Ajayi Dada

Heavenly Father, we thank you for bringing us to the Year 2020 as we begin to explore new vistas of life. May your plans for us in the New Year  and beyond bring us abundant blessings, joy and happiness, peace of mind and the  urge to love our fellow human beings as we love ourselves so that the world will be a better place for us. Amen.

As it is the convention at the beginning of every new year, people usually  make new year resolutions or code of conduct that will guide and guard them in their  endeavours throughout the year.

These always include but  not limited to ones’ proposed progression  chart in work place, businesses , educational pursuit , family life or being more closer to ones creator than before.  Similarly, they usually  include promises to stop  or reduce  those vices or negative  peer influences that one had been enmeshed in over the past years and thus turn a new leaf in the new year.

I am sure that most readers of this column would have done their own agenda setting for the Year 2020;  of ‘to-do’ and ‘not-to-do’ things  to achieve in the new year. In case you have not done so, the new year is still at its infancy and you can still draw up your own list. However, we must not make it a mere ritual or done just to fulfill all righteousness. Put everything before God in prayers so that you may be able to follow them to the letter.

Fortunately, the National Assembly set the ball rolling late last year for the first time  since 1999, when the country returned to democratic government. NASS  unanimously  passed the  Year 2020 budget  into law and it received the assent of  President Muhammadu Buhari  before the beginning of the new year. Kudos!

That amounts to turning a new leaf and something worthy of emulation by the 36 states of the federation as well as all the local governments in the country. I also want to congratulate  NASS, the Federal Government,   the various state governments and their state assemblies for showing leadership in this direction. It us, indeed, a sign of good things to happen in the new year. Kudos again!!

I admonish others yet to key-in into the progressive train to make haste when the sun shines. Passing budgets into law is the first step when it comes to good governance,  making the people on the street to feel their positive impacts is the hallmark of such policy implementation. So the executive arm of government must ensure that funds released to them for capital and recurrent expenditures are judiciously  utilised  for the good of the common man. By that they will be actualising part of their new year resolutions to the governed and their creator.

Should such allocations go into private pockets or diverted to what will not be beneficial to the masses; such an action by them will be negating the principles  and tenets on which  new year resolutions are  established.

Also, to what extent people had  generally kept to their new year resolutions over the years should serve as  food for thought for all and sundry. Perhaps if people had kept to such resolutions they made at the beginning  of the year throughout the year round, may be, the world would have been a better place  for everybody.

I am sure no sane person would have  resolved  at the beginning of a new year that he or she would partake  in  bribery and corruption in his or her place of work during the year instead of discharging his or her services for which he or she earns a legitimate salary on monthly basis. Did any bus conductor ever said that he would hike transport fare or engaged in extortion  of passengers?

Nobody will say he or she is going to become a sadist by doing things that will  make  life unbearable, harsh and difficult  for his other fellowmen no matter the circumstances. No motorist would ever resolve that he or she would drive recklessly on the highway  thus impeding the right of way of other road users to mention but a few of these things that people to make life uncomfortable for others.

However, since there is no art in the face to know the mind’s construction, man has continued to remain a puzzle and an enigma, hence, his behaviours most times are usually absurd and unpredictable.  That is why some men are alleged to have committed rape,  defilement of minors, sodomy, accused of embezzling public funds, using public commonwealth and patrimony to enrich themselves while millions of other people continue to wallow in abject poverty and penury.

Why the continued banditry, hostage taking, murder of innocent lives by some disgruntled elements and insurgents in some parts of the country?

Why is it that some of those occupying public offices divert public funds meant for the provision of  infrastructure for their constituencies and constituents  into their personal pockets thus promoting selfish behaviour rather than promoting  the common good or what will be beneficial to majority of the people.

On Boxing Day 2019,  reports had it that  a bride-to-be and her potential bridal team  were shot dead by suspected Boko Haram insurgents  at Gwoza in Borno State on their way to Yola  in Adamawa State  to prepare for the wedding.

Was turning a joyful mood into an everlasting sadness for some innocent families part of the new year resolutions of  the  self acclaimed predators and beasts in human nature?

How often do we review,  either monthly ,  quarterly, or  half yearly the  new year resolutions we make at the beginning of every new year  and  remind ourselves whether we are still following that ‘fantastic’ road map  or behavioural patterns  we drew  for ourselves at the inception of the year  and  to see how rigidly  or flexibly  we are keeping faith with them?

By not keeping that article of faith over the years, it had brought our society several  challenges and untold hardships that we  could have  avoided  either at the personal or public level.

Keeping faith with our new year resolutions annually would have helped us to reduce the population of destitutes in our society who from the look of things rely on stipends and arms from passersby for their survival.  That would have helped us to minimise the rate of unemployment and other vices such as hunger, lack of contentment, violence and  cybercrime in our society.

It would have reduced the gulf and polarity  between the rich and the poor in our society, discouraged  brain drain of able bodied  and skilled professionals from our country going to other countries to seek the greener pastures; reduced the droves of Nigerians migrating illegally to North Africa and Europe through the Sahara Desert for menial jobs under harsh conditions.

By not making punctuality the soul of business in our places of work, we had not demonstrated that we are good role models to our peers and subordinates;  by not paying the little, little levies we agreed upon at the community development associations, village community meetings in the urban cities, we are practising leadership by deceit and not by example. We are violating our new year resolutions.

How about lecturers engaging in  sex-for-marks syndrome with their female students instead of promoting academic excellence among such students? Was this ridiculous act of sleeping with their female students  part of their new year resolutions  in past years? Do they think that such degrading act will  help in raising the standard of education in the country? Your guess is as good as mine.

Let us make in  Year  2020  new year resolutions that will transform our selves to greater heights, as well as  our communities and our society at large to a force to be reckoned with the world over.

As we do so, let us commit everything into the hands of our  God. Lord, forgive us  our sins because many of our  problems had been caused by our  own failures, neglect and sinfulness. Also forgive us  our unwanted tendencies, negative behavioural patterns and  heal us of all  our known and unknown social  disorders.

Heavenly father, give special power to your people so that they will be able to live by their new year resolutions , and through them transform their environments  and this country at large into a better place where justice, love , peace and development will become the order of the day. Amen.

I wish every one of us a happy New Year 2020.

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